About Liz

Hi I’m Liz I’m a Brain Trainer™️  and creator of Best Self Books & App. 

My passion is to create, develop and deliver products & services that empower, motivate and encourage you and your kids too! Life’s hard and it hits us all at some point, here you will find the tools to help you navigate as you grow in life.

A little about me .. I’m a social entrepreneur and have spent my working life in business. My speciality is growth with a background in founding and building a national franchise company over the past 10 years. I’m a qualified life coach, NLP practitioner with qualifications in hypnosis, time line therapy and I’m passionate about psychology & human behaviour. It’s important to me to not just empower you to improve your own life to be your best self, but to pass on my scientific knowledge of the Brain to help you understand yourself and others.

I love to create strategies to solve problems. I’m passionate about creating change and helping people see how great they are. I’m governor at a local primary school board, an independent visitor for the national youth service and also a peer mentor at Edge Hill University Psychology Department.

My mission in life is to encourage, inspire and motivate. To find out more about my journey you can view the links in below to the recent BBC radio interview and latest press release.

I am constantly creating and developing new products & services to help you be your best self. Be sure to follow me on social media to be the first to find out what’s coming next…



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