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After being overwhelmed with private clients i found over the years that there is just a few key elements to help most people be their best self. after creating the be your best self books and receiving such a great response from how the content had helped people, the next step had to be an app. we need to be held accountable for what we said we were going to do after the feeling has passed when we said it. this app will do just that. you will set your to do’s and the app will track when you have completed your tasks. it will notify you what percentage of your best self you are performing at that day. it will also send you a push notification when you haven’t done what you said you were going to do. you will receive notifications throughout the day of just a few words that will motivate and inspire you to keep to your best self throughout the day. what we have spoken about is just one part of what this app will do.

the clarity section will help you solve your problems, find your core values, set personal promises and find your purpose. when you just have one of those days you can reach for the peace section, the app will monitor your breathing and tell you what zone you are in and help you ground yourself and bring your breathe back to the safe zone. you can reflect how you feel and create your daily gratitude lists. the app will help you set goals and create strategies on how to achieve them. you can also build a digital vision board and become excited for your future.

we have 4 lists of audios. when you need a little confidence there is something there for you, and if you need motivation that is there too. there will be affirmations and guided visualisations to help you create in your life.

I have used these tools personally for over a decade and seen the results in my private clients aswell as myself. I always thought someone should create an app like this, and then i realised i am someone.


it’s time I shared it with the world. this is it, are you ready?

Coming soon…

watch this space!



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